Thank you for all the texts and tweets and facebook messages today. I have had quite a lot of hanging around to do, so I have really appreciated reading them. I’ve jettisoned my UK sim from my phone in favour of an Israeli one, so texts to my UK number won’t reach me now.

It was a reasonable day’s travelling. There were two rough points. The first was being held back at Ben Gurion airport by the security forces and required to sit in a room for an hour without my passport. The second was being chastized by a cashier in a Jerusalem supermarket for not speaking Hebrew all that well.


I knew the words for things which turn up in the bible, so I was OK with the wine, and the water, and the bread. And I guess if I had been planning to sacrifice a lamb I’d have been OK with that too, and could even have made a stab at describing my intentions. But she was not at all impressed that I did not know the word for cheese (she told me, I’ve forgotten it already) or salad (apparently it’s “salad”). So before I left I had to promise to learn more and do better next time.

Once I got to Christ Church Guest house, where I’m staying until Sunday, I was unpacking my stuff in my first floor room. On hearing a familiar voice from the court yard, I looked out of the window to see Canon Andrew White heading out into the street.

I don’t know why they kept me back at the airport. They didn’t tell me.